libQGLViewer  Version 2.7.1
Vec Member List

This is the complete list of members for Vec, including all inherited members.

cross(const Vec &a, const Vec &b)Vecfriend
domElement(const QString &name, QDomDocument &document) constVec
initFromDOMElement(const QDomElement &element)Vec
norm() constVec
operator const float *() constVec
operator const qreal *() constVec
operator qreal *()Vec
operator!=(const Vec &a, const Vec &b)Vecfriend
operator*(const Vec &a, qreal k)Vecfriend
operator*(qreal k, const Vec &a)Vecfriend
operator*(const Vec &a, const Vec &b)Vecfriend
operator*=(qreal k)Vec
operator+(const Vec &a, const Vec &b)Vecfriend
operator+=(const Vec &a)Vec
operator-(const Vec &a, const Vec &b)Vecfriend
operator-(const Vec &a)Vecfriend
operator-=(const Vec &a)Vec
operator/(const Vec &a, qreal k)Vecfriend
operator/=(qreal k)Vec
operator<<(std::ostream &o, const qglviewer::Vec &)Vec
operator=(const Vec &v)Vec
operator==(const Vec &a, const Vec &b)Vecfriend
operator[](int i) constVec
operator[](int i)Vec
operator^(const Vec &a, const Vec &b)Vecfriend
orthogonalVec() constVec
projectOnAxis(const Vec &direction)Vec
projectOnPlane(const Vec &normal)Vec
setValue(qreal X, qreal Y, qreal Z)Vec
squaredNorm() constVec
unit() constVec
Vec(qreal X, qreal Y, qreal Z)Vec
Vec(const C &c)Vecexplicit
Vec(const QDomElement &element)Vecexplicit